Thursday, 11 June 2009

A new Beginning

We always encounter and some take it as a hindrance for them to achieve their goal.I believe that in every failures a new beginning arises, that will give them hope.It should be takeb as a challenge to pursue our objective in life and try to find out what failure can give to us.Failures serve as tool and a motivation for us to become stronger...
Why do we expect life to be failure?Its because a certain goal or objective cant be achieved without sufferings and encountering failures at all.Believe at it and work out for it.In our studies and in everyday living,we must inculcate in our minds than "win some,lose some".There are times we consider ourselves miserable.It is because we didnt succeed in everything we try to do.We should accept failures as a challenge and as natural occurence.We should be thankful for the success,if we succeeded otherwise,we should adopt a positive attitude.There is always another chance for us to cope up and struggle for things again.
Let us bear in mind that failure measures how strong and how confident we are to pursue a specific goal. You can be greater than what you think you are.Have determination and consider failure as part of life." Better to try and fail,than never try at all"(and regret sometimes..:-))
If you failed;there is always a new beginning for you to search of what you want to be.And a beginning that will possibly bring you to success.What matters most is not how many times we failed but how many times you stood up despite the thorns you have met in the turbulent road of life..

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