Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Being Your Daughter..

I came in your life unexpectedly,you did your best to make me survive,
i were in your womb for nine months,you told me you feel all my moves,deep inside..

When i came out in this world,you said all the angels were singing,
You smiled and cried, for having me was a blessing..

You gave me an assurance until you know im in good hand
Though,you said its not that easy but still you are willing to give me everything..

To my parents;
Its You who teach me how to love and forgive,
Its you who care in all my undertakings
Correcting and guiding me in all the things i make.

Its you who give me smile and pieces of advice in the loneliest time of my life..
Cheering ,me up and giving me strength to face the challenges each day..
Its you who shared the meaningful and happy memories to be reminisced
Experiences that taught me to take care of the things that i have..

and lastly its you who is willing always willing to share a hand during cruel
hindrances of my life...

I love you both and i owe this life to you im so grateful for having
a parents like u who inspires me in whatever i do..

Whatever i achieved in my life now its all becoz of u and in all your sacrifices
for me..
I admired and thank you for simply being you.

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